HowTo flash Image for DM900HD / DM920HD

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1.) Turn on the power switch of DM900 / DM920 at the back
2.) If LED on the Standby-Button at the front lights up, keep it pressed until LED quickly lights up red and blue
3.) When LED stops blinking then release Standby-Button
4.) After few seconds a info shows up on TV, that DM900 / DM920 is in Rescue Mode
5.) You have to enter via browser -> "http://dm900" / "http://dm920" (without "" ) or IP-Adress of DM900 / DM920 which is shown on TV
6.) You will see Rescue Mode of DM900 / DM920. Click "Firmware upload"
7.) Now click "Select File" and then choose image for the DM900 / DM920 and after that click "Select"
8.) Next you have to click "Go!" and DM900 / DM920 starts with flashing
9.) After flashing click on "Click here to reboot" and wait until DM900 / DM920 is rebooting