Special thanks to openPLi Team

New Dreambox STB's like DM520, DM525, DM820, DM7080, DM900 and DM920 will not be supported from openPLi. We thought many users are really sad about this and so we began to plan openPLi for new Dreambox STB's. It was a hard work but we made it !!!!
Due to that openPLi is licenced unter GNU and is open source set-top box software we made it possible now to offer openPLi Image for new Dreambox STB's.
It is the same open source set-top box software like for other vendors which will be supported by openPLi.

We and all users with new Dreambox STB's want to thank openPLi for their great development so far.

!!! Thanks openPLi Team !!!

openPLi 6.2 now released for all new Dreambox STB's

DM520HD, DM525HD, DM820HD, DM7080HD, DM900uHD and DM920uHD

Stay tuned for more Informations !!!

Dear openPLi, if you say this images are not genuine, then all other images from you are even not genuine. This image is based on all openPLi Source from Github and has no backdoor or other stupid things.